I was literally toasting on the black sand beaches of Maui this summer. The darker the sand, the hotter it actually gets. Within only 10 minutes, I could feel the tip of my nose and shoulders immediately turning pink. For some reason this particular beach wouldn’t show up on our GPS. With just a little wooden sign saying “beach,” we followed it down a tiny road leading to an absolutely perfect little black sand cove. The most off-the-beaten path you can get. What I remember most is the breeze, and chasing my hat down the beach everywhere I turned. But it was also it’s intense color palette that left me smitten.

There’s something simply stunning about shooting at summertime. Being in my most natural state. My hair being an absolute mess. The magical textures of the smooth sand and the ripples of the water. The shadows from the harsh sunlight of the day across your face, you can’t help but squint. There’s no hiding any flaws. Super simple triangle bikinis combined with the exact opposite, a heavy statement earring. That’s my way of getting done-up…throw on earrings and I suddenly feel amazing. There’s an easy elegance to this natural state that keeps me island hopping all year round. I find easy elegance with confidence.

You know when you hit a point where you’re like I’m beginning to know myself, and I love myself for all that it is. I think I’m finally having that moment. Acceptance of all that makes me different. We all grow up with the struggles and confusion…the idea that to be perfect, that you have to look like everyone else to be liked, and that to succeed, you have to be like everyone else. But in reality, there are no rules. Once I put myself first, began to love my imperfections, and push everything else aside for just one second, I suddenly felt in control of my own being….my own future. And for me, that means traveling the world, living a life well lived. You feel empowered to go anywhere, to do anything. When you have that moment…when you have that confidence and strength to break through your shell…the rest is history.

Theory x Onia swimsuit (founnd something similar here and here)

Lack of Color hat

Luiny earrings


17 Responses to BARE ON THE BLACK SAND

  1. Natali says:

    Oh yes! Totally yes girl, this is me right now too, feeling like I have finally broken that shell and started to love and accept myself inside and on the outside for who I am and not wanting or needing to be anybody else or look like anybody else but myself. 🙂 This is the moment I’ve been waiting to happen and I couldn’t be more happier to have it finally happen now.
    Beautiful photos, your bikini is so lovely!

  2. Gonzalo says:

    Don’t you think loving yourself is much easier to do when you fit into the traditional standard of beauty, IE: tall and skinny? This post is so phony.


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