Isn’t there just something so beautiful about this color palette? So peachy. Orange has never looked so good thanks to my friends at M Missoni. They do beach luxury and striking color palettes unlike anyone else. Bright pink, lemon yellow, and mandarin orange. And yes, ponchos really are back.

This month has been pretty insane. I literally went from LA, to the Cayman Islands, to London, and now I’m plopped back here at my desktop here in NYC for another hectic week, just finishing off the Maison Valentino show…which happens to also be M Missoni’s sister company. Talk about a dramatic change in wardrobe for each location. Luckily I have 2 weeks back home…my suitcase is finally taking a little breather. But amidst the NYC rush, I miss those moments in the sun and not wearing a drop of makeup. Most importantly, I miss these super rich and happy colors. This top easily resembles an upside-down sunset…the skirt like lightning bolts flying through a fiery pink sky. I could easily see myself taking this look around the world this summer. An afternoon blending in with the pool chairs back home at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Or maybe somewhere on the cliffs of rosy Positano, Italy. Maybe next it’ll come with me to Santorini, Greece?! Out in the sandy desert of Dubai?! It’s my luxurious designer pieces that always inspire where I travel to, what adventures I want to go on. With each piece, comes a picture in my mind. And yes, I’m always watching the sun rise and fall.

M Missoni poncho 

M Missoni skirt

Salvatore Ferragamo handbag

Donni Charm scarf 



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