Yep, the dress-over-pant trend is certainly classy and edgy. Can you believe these photos came from only a few weeks ago? The girls and I did go out in Williamsburg last night, still sporting our overworn ankle length coats and scarves. Bring on those hot, humid summers we all know and love! The tiny tank dresses. The wideleg trousers. We are certainly closer now to storing our heavy winter items to reveal all the spring happening underneath. I can finally wear this ensemble out without all the layers.

There’s something about long, flowing layers that are just sexy. I’m 5’10” and for me, I love anything that drops just below my ankles with a statement boot. I gravitate towards these longer, leaner pieces. And yes, these cool tones actually work all year round. Grey, white, and gold. So classic. I’m now in post-Coachella mode and back in NYC mode. My tan is slowly fading. I’ve unpacked the bikinis, bright dresses, and tiny denim shorts. I’m back to wearing more black and neutral tones until I’m back to traveling early May to sunnier regions. Back in NYC mode might sound like I get a breather, but it’s actually a lot more hectic when I’m home. Hours of editing, filming, more editing, and meetings. This week is full of exciting events as a matter of fact! We are smack dab middle of the Tribeca Film Festival meaning I’m going to be having to get creative with some new looks to hit the red carpet in. I love when fashion and film get intertwined. We compliment one another and work together. Sometimes I’m more inspired by what I see in the theater than in a magazine. It’s the best time to have some fun with friends and make some new ones. Stay tuned for now.

Elizabeth & James dress

Elizabeth & James pants

Elizabeth & James earrings

Sandro Paris handbag

Sandro Paris boots

AYR wool coat

The Kooples scarf

Ray-Ban sunglasses



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