& Other Stories LA Collection Part 2

Pink is certainly one of LA’s colors. The Barbie pink cars in our minds growing up as children of the westside. The pink streaks we always wanted in our hair for Halloween. The bubblegum pink nail polish we painted on at the back of class. The shade of my very first lipstick I stole from my mom’s cabinet. Pink is both rebellious and sweet. The & Other Stories LA collection featured ton of pink, and in every single tone and vibe.

A blush pink. A hot pink. A berry pink. Though the collection has much of this girly pink perfection, all of it came with either a raw edge, a sexy sheer knit, or a little worn-in vintage wash that I love. It’s what makes the color come back down to earth. All made to match the walls of the Venice Beach canals, all faded from the hot sun. Let’s just say the Suarez Sisters love this shade on every side of the spectrum. Not to mention, on every coast.

& Other Stories:

pink raw edge sweatshirt

pink knit sweater (worn around shoulder)

raw edge denim skirt


& Other Stories:

cropped bomber jacket 

berry dress

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  1. patty says:

    Yes yes can’t believe see your face everywhere on the social media , you are FAMOUS love you , my fav. model and blogger of all time , plus your lovely sister Dylana !


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