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I am religiously wearing Skarlett Blue‘s latest lingerie collection. I worked with their fit specialist here in NYC to take home some really delicious lingerie sets that hug my body in all the right places. I think what I love most about working with their team is how close they pay attention to details. The lace trimmings. The colors. Noticing how a lace racerback or embroidered strap bra can peek out from a tank top. Chic. Bottoms that are so completely seamless that you can throw on even your silkiest slip dress and not worry about any unwanted panty lines. It’s lingerie you can trust will enhance your final look. These pieces to me are extra cozy and warm, but still bring out my sultry side with their beautiful array of colors. It’s funny, I feel more confident when my lingerie has a beautiful fit, and a little character. Your body is special, so treat it well and only wear what feels the most comfortable on your skin. Meet two of my favorite sets.

// Skarlett Blue multi-way T-Shirt Bra and panty //

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// Skarlett Blue Underwire Bra and panty //

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