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I met the lovely and soft-spoken Georgia Larsen from London, on the set of my Free People October 2010 cover shoot back in the diz-ay. Can you believe how fast time flies? It was the first time any brand used real girls doing their own awesome s**t to model and style a total catalog. So the day of my shoot, I met a few awesome ladies like Georgia, a lingerie designer with long flowing blonde locks and killer bohemian style. Since then, she’s launched the beautifully chic brand, Dora Larsen…consisting of lace-y and feminine (without all the frills) lingerie sets complete with a choker. The choker a finishing touch to any dress you happen to throw on for a wild night out in the city. I totally have a soft spot for epic lingerie and pale pinks and blues. Always wear it for yourself. Love your body, no matter what shape or form. And own it. My boyish body has never felt more feminine.


// Dora Larsen lingerie set //

shot by Dylana Suarez



This may be one of the most brilliant hikes I’ve been on. Mistico Bridges in La Fortunada, Costa Rica. Our tour guide, Ane, was seriously the cutest. A giant telescope always at hand. Her eyes bright like an eagle…out to spot even the tiniest, most unique of species! She knew every single bird. Every monkey. Every spider. Every frog. Every little snake curled up in a leaf. Her face lighting up every single time she could find us something to take a photo of. “Ooh-ing” and “Aaah-ing” the whole way through. I finally know what a MotMot is…one of the prettiest birds I’ve ever seen. It was pretty spectacular getting so up close and personal with these creatures. Being able to discover things that are so new and removed from our everyday lives. It’s peaceful. With every drip of sweat we grew more energized. Never wanting it to end. I think it’s the fresh smell of the jungle that I loved the most and the excitement of whatever we were to stumble upon next. But it’s the bridges that are seriously magical, hence the name “Mistico”. You’re so high up and intertwined within the trees that you feel like you’re floating on thin air. The hanging bridges slightly swaying with every delicate step. We cooled down from our hike with a picnic, rosé, and a really great outdoor shower. A great plan well executed.


// She Made Me crochet bikini, SINGLE silk kimono, AE shorts, Wildfox bikini top, Maria Castelli backpack //



It’s official. The block heel is timeless. It’ll never go out of style. And it’s the summer’s hottest shoe. I scored this beautiful lace-up by Tabitha Simmons at Farfetch The unique thing about Farfetch is that you can shop the world’s most luxurious and special boutiques all in one place. I already have my eyes on a pair of Valentino flats, being shipped from Italy. But back to the classic black block heel. For us tall ladies, it’s the perfect height. I kept it super minimal with black and white…a summer classic. There’s something sexy about an oversize white button-up. Maybe it’s because it’s so easy and cool. Like you didn’t try one bit after getting out of bed in the morning. Keep it simple, and let your shoes pop.

// Tabitha Simmons “lori sandals from Farfetch //




Saucony goes way back with me. They were the dance team’s sneakers back in school. I wore them everywhere. Saucony immediately brings back images from dance competitions to recitals to 7 a.m. practices. Though dance has always been one of my main way to release some energy, I’ve found that running in between everything else that I do like pilates, barre, and kickboxing helps to mix things up. You never really want to get bored when working out. And your workout gear should be a lot less boring too. If you see the girl in the full on plaid sports bra and yoga pant down by the Brooklyn Bridge with her headphones in? Yes, that’s me. Hiding under a grey hoodie at the Dumbo park for a picnic with friends…yep, me. Bright pink sneakers you can spot from a mile away on the subway? Yep, me. Can we talk about how awesome they feel? It’s like you have wings and can fly, I am not even kidding. Saucony’s new collection, Life on the Run, is about exactly that. From going from workout to hangout. Being able to immediately throw on that hoodie and head to brunch. To go from pilates class straight to my next photoshoot in the city. That’s exactly what your workout gear should be: classic and transitional. Because every single day we’re transitioning between so many different things. From barre to lunch meetings to meeting up with friends. Days in my yoga pants are honestly the best…and they’re flattering.

Life on the Run is about jogging first thing after landing home from the airport. Immediately getting in tune with your body with every workout. Sweating out whatever my body took in the night before. Life on the Run is about getting excited and pumped for the day. Thinking up new ideas for whatever you’re working on. With every run I begin to appreciate New York City more and more. So keep on going babes. Don’t stop. Be comfortable and confident in what you wear. And keep doing whatever motivates you to get up every single morning and kick butt.


// Featuring Saucony “Life on the Run” collection //