Yep, it’s all about that super low V. Only us girls with the small boobs can rock it like no other without getting looked at like we’re asking for it. And who said bras are in anymore? It is true that flat chested girls can get away with some crazy getups. Every designer and their mom made this top, but it’s all about how you style it that makes it your own. I paired mine with my favorite vintage belt and extra large sunglasses. A bit Jackie O mixed with Jane Birkin mixed with some California lovin’ squeezed on top.

I’m still in my hotel in Austin, Texas at the moment, just getting off the phone with my best friend who ended our call with “Let’s go anywhere. I don’t care where. I’ll even do Miami.” You have no idea how hard I wish I was laying on that beach. I just finished the super wild SXSW circuit with my Reef family, shooting some killer stories in the BBQ-filled land of Austin, where everything truly is bigger, badder, and better. Iif you really want to laugh your ass off, go check out my Snapchat (NatalieOffDuty). We’ve gone knee deep into the Greenbelt creek, went from rap to country to rock gigs, and stayed up way past our bedtimes. Believe me, spending a few days with a team of surfers immediately gets you pounding beers and saying “gnarly” before you can wrap your head around what you’re doing. But we couldn’t have asked for a better time. Team Suarez has indeed been eating and adventuring their way through many cities this year, wearing loads of wild outfits, with a ton more stories to tell. Tomorrow I’m back in NYC. Man, I can’t wait to sleep in my own bed. Then, we’re off to London for the weekend. Fish and chips anyone?


// Finders Keepers tank, Citizens of Humanity jeans, Donni Charm scarf, Wildfox Couture sunglasses //

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  1. Maria | Looking Glass says:

    Looking gorgeous, small boobs are honestly the best! I was so nervous to get one of these tops because I thought it would look too provocative, but once I actually tried mine on I was laughing because it shows no cleavage at all. Great post x

  2. says:

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