Going to San Francisco for work is always amazing. I was just about to head back down to LA, my hometown, but I couldn’t leave without visiting the Painted Ladies. It’s like out of a storybook. Reminding me of those rainy day re-runs of Full House. It’s a place unlike any other. Quaint, but unlike NYC’s chaotic quaintness. Sleepy, but unlike LA’s crowded highways and never ending party scene. I don’t ever want San Francisco to lose what it’s known for. The art, rock n’ roll, and revolution of Haight Ashbury and The Mission. The mom and pops, the vintage, and the music. My stay was quick, and the city felt even more quiet than I remember. Driving down the crooked street with Jimi on the stereo, our next stop was Venice Beach. It was comforting knowing I’d be ringing in 2016 with a lot more familiar faces.


// VEDA dress, Banana Republic turtleneck, C/CHRST LA leather jacket, Giampaolo Viozzi boots, SONIX sunglasses, Gucci bamboo tote //

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