The best thing about the 90’s was the sportswear. 90’s Tommy Hilfiger in New York City to be exact. Baggy basketball shorts. Bandeau bras. And lip gloss. Fresh off the runway, this sporty set brings back what Tommy is all about. All-American youth. Rebels without a cause. Destroying the streets of NYC one Lower East Side party at a time. Reds, whites, and blues. Some of my favorite NYC 90’s babes? The too-cool-for-school Chloe Sevigny. The always smiling young and innocent Kate Moss. Liv Tyler with her cigarette and Chuck Taylors in Times Square. Christy Turlington making even a tracksuit look glamourous. Though I love a good flash-back look, I’m still keeping up with our crazy digital age, with the new MIRA fitness bracelet that I recently discovered. Synced to my app, it keeps track of your activities…steps, distance, and elevation. So when I’m kicking your butt at boxing, you know what’s up.

// Tommy Hilfiger bra and shorts, MIRA fitness bracelet //


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46 Responses to 90’S NYC SPORT

  1. zahra says:

    Such a babe! Never have I wanted a pair of basketball shorts so much. Also I’ve been considering getting that Mira fit bracelet for some time now after I saw it at a conference- it is definitely one of the best looking fit devices out there. Will have to take a look at how it works – if its all through an app or a website – I don’t do well with overly complicated electronics – so if its easy, I’m in!

  2. Jenna says:

    Oh man this look is too good and the Erin Wasson and Leo inspo is what I’m livin my life for.I love that shot somewhere in the middle of you from the side. The tones are gorgeous.
    If you are ever in LA and I want to take some weird cool pictures I would love to meet up! You are stunning and seem really cool 🙂



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