I’ve been tapping into my feminine side a lot more lately with high waisted fitted skirts, and backless silk blouses. But you know I’m still one to dress it all down with sneakers or boots. With being so busy, I’ve mastered the art of mixing and matching what I already own, packing looks for that last minute weekend adventure, and changing in public places (that sort of just comes with being a model). I think I can get my suitcase together in 10 minutes. Right now, my closet and home office is a bit of a mess. Packages here. Shoes there. Jeans toppling over the shelves. Why are my hangers on the floor?! Lately, I’ve just been working a ton. From filming for T Mobile at Electric Zoo (watch the films here), to traveling, and now gearing up for fashion week…I think my body needs a bit of a rest. I haven’t had a single moment to just stop. Today is a bit of a me day to get my energy back. Currently downing Juice Press volcano and chicken noodle soup so that NYFW is a total piece of cake.


// AGAIN silk blouse, A Gold E denim skirt, Miista boots, Vintage handbag + belt, Donni Charm neck tie, Hungry Eyewear sunglasses //

23 Responses to RED SILK

  1. beverly han says:

    so effortless , you are the best. Can’t stand some bloggers who so artificial and look so uncomfortable in what they are representing, dont understand why they are asked to wear when it’s doesn’t look good in the first place.

  2. susie says:

    Agreed with Beverly Han comments about bloggers wearing some clothing that not suited for their physical appearance and yet been paid to wear them is a joke ! You look so good in everything and with true followers who are so obsessed to run out buying to look like you , haha just like me wanting to look effortlessly. Thanks Natalie for doing so and enjoying the attention given to you for sure.


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