At home? Wear denim. Siwy Denim. For those lazy weekends when you don’t want to leave your Brooklyn abode on a hot summer afternoon. I’d call the cozy Urban Cowboy Bed & Breakfast home anyday. Take a peek at the spring/summer ’15 lookbook. Photographed by my sister Dylana Suarez, and styled by Rebecca Flam. I love when the team happens to be my best friends because it never actually feels like work. More about giggling and creating beautiful photos. Cheers to one of my favorite shoots!


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  1. coffeeslag says:

    Okay, the white jeans are gorgeous! I really really need to go jean shopping but I’ve totally been pushing it off because it’s so tiring! Trying on so many pairs can be exhausting. Which is why I can never buy jeans online, you just never know how it would fit. But seriously, loving that white pair.



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