NYFW has officially started for me today. Already mentally getting myself into shape. The wacky outfits, the big egos, it’s all coming out to play, and it’s silly, but I enjoy the madness. And watching. I have had some really intense NYFW’s, and now I remember to just BREATHE. There’s absolutely no way to make it to every one of your friend’s shows because 1. it’s hard to walk in your favorite shoes. 2. everything’s at the same time. 3. you might get a cold from that sneezing person sitting next to you (emergen-C please!). I’ve learned to take it slow, and still try to find that one moment to stretch. Front row or backstage. Wherever. It’s obvious that going to the gym during fashion week is put on the backburner. So it won’t be until next week that you’ll find me back at it jumproping, and hitting the dance floor with Missy Elliot on repeat. Who knew workout clothes could be so darn fun? I’m digging the look of a flattering sports bra, and the low rise of a dropcrotch pant.


// Well Kept NY sports bra, KORAL activewear pants //

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