Fall is nearly here, and I’m stocking up on all my luxurious CLASSICS. With that, I always go to Michael Stars. Their neutrals are HEAVEN. So soft to the touch. Here I took their latest collection, mixed and matched, and ended up with 2 of my all-time favorite fall looks. 
And then, there’s the fall must-have: the TRENCH jacket. I love it with the matching pant. It’s so sophisticated, but still oozes cool. I can snuggle in this all weekend, or take it out to a meeting with a good pair of sneakers and adorable black hat. Then, I’ll switch it up. Maybe wearing the trench with a skirt, or the pants with a contrasting knit. I’m’ definitely a mix master when it comes down to working with a few key pieces. This is my GO, GO, GO attire. I love bringing back utilitarian pieces. It’s true, the classic pantsuit really never goes out of style. 
// Michael Stars belted trench, drawstring pants, tank, and hat // 
You really can’t go wrong with the perfect MIDI skirt. It’s my necessity! It’s a piece so flattering on any bodytype. I like to layer it up in greys, blacks, and browns. My bomber jacket tied simply around my waist, a great printed tank, and oversize jacket slung over my shoulders for those chilly nights in the city. I’m always experimenting with proportions and completed the look with a good slouchy harnessed boot to give it that downtown vibe. 
// Michael Stars coat, tank, skirt, bomber jacket //
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