Meet Mia the LEO // Pandora Star Sign Essence Collection

Meet Mia Colona….one of my very good friends, and oh did I mention BIRTHDAY GIRL?! I’m so ready to sing Happy Birthday to this major BABE! She’s 26! And being a Leo, born on 8/8/88 (talk about a lucky number!) I shot her in her own stacked Pandora Sign Star Essence Collection bracelets. It was so easy to photograph this beauty in her favorite jewels by her home in the West Village. She just oozes cool, and she never ceases to amaze me with her whimsical, long wavy locks, and eclectic style. Her bohemian roots show through and through with just a flip of her hair. With her Leo bracelets, she designed it with her Leo star sign charm along with the confidence and courage charms. Both defining her to a T. Confident in that she can wear whatever she wants and lives by her own rules. She’s the happy-go-lucky girl that’s always smiling, and can easily make you her best friend. The boys always swooning without her even noticing. Courageous in that she’s a risk taker. Always one to take a chance, hop in a helicopter for a joy ride, or make a last minute weekend trip across country. She’s an individual, and one of the sweetest girls I know. I love you Mia. Happy Birthday!

// all photos by me  //

GIVEAWAY: Today I’m also giving one reader a chance to win a Pandora Essence Collection Bracelet with a star sign charm and 2 charms with matching values.
Contest begins today and runs for 1 week! Until September 9th!
To enter:

1. Simply comment below with you star sign
2. Follow Pandora on Instagram

197 Responses to Meet Mia the LEO // Pandora Star Sign Essence Collection

  1. littledance says:

    Hi Natalie! Have been following your blog since the discopony days in that super pretty golden glitter dress!
    Hope Mia has had a great birthday! x

    A Sagittarius here btw, just filled up my pandora moments bracelet & would love to lay my hands on the new essence collection 🙂 thankyou!


  2. Amanda Sea says:

    I’m a fiercely stubborn and loyal taurus! Such lovely pictures of your friend Mia and I love the Pandora essence collection on her! It suits her personality so well!

    Thank you for this giveaway ♥
    My instagram Nick: amandamisaki and I’ve been following Pandora for a while now!♡♥♡♥

  3. danielle murphy says:

    My star sign is Aquarius and my twitter is djmurphy96, she really looks amazing like the Jewellery, this is my favourite collection, it’s so personal! I think it’s her hair that makes her even more beautiful, it’s amazing.
    Thank you, Danielle

  4. Kathe'sblog says:

    How amazing human creation was, pretty ladies, that is! 😘 Thanks to pandora for adding us that glam! I’m a gemini here, and I always believed that beauty comes from within us, so hail to you Ms. Natalie for inspiring us.
    -i love my pandora moment -🌟

  5. Karina G. says:

    Happy Birthday to your beautiful friend!!!

    Pandora jewellery is always the best! I would love to participate!!! I’m a Cancer!

    My instagram is misskarina

    I hope that this new period in her life is full of joy and accomplishments!!!

  6. Dawn Harmon says:

    I’m a Cancer and if that tells you anything about me, you know more about the stars then most.

    I can’t afford Pandora and keep asking for it for gifts. Been unemployed for three years and would love to own a Pandora piece.

    Thanks for reading my post.


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