Emporio Armani // Simplicity is Key

More often times than not, going the simple route really is the cure to all our problems. Relationships, what you eat, where you live, your wardrobe. A minimalist outlook on life can be the freshest breath of air. And I love the times when I can take this approach to the fashion side of my life. Baring down the pieces of my outfit to just it’s quality, structure and fit, and nothing else. This idea of dressing always brings me to thinking of one of my favorite style icons, Audrey Hepburn. She had such a classic taste and dressed for the ballerina lines of her body. Accentuating the waist, but never too body-con. Boyish but always extremely tasteful. Never too over-the-top with the frill. She dressed in a way that complemented her outgoing personality and confidence, and neither worked to outshine the other. She was just perfect. This is how I feel in this simple Emporio Armani look that is so low-key, yet so statement making.

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// Emporio Armani sweater, black trousers, and hobo bag // 

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