Now that I look back, our roadtrips out East felt a whole lot like SUMMER CAMP. I always kept the keys to our abode on my wrist, it jingling as I bike down to the ocean. Mosquito bites attacking my ankles on those drunken summer nights, living in a hammock, and becomming one with the caterpillars. You’d easily spot me at the bocce court in the mid-drift exposed rashguard, and my trusty vintage Levi’s (yes, this is my only pair, I couldn’t find a more perfect one). I’m currently enjoying these last few posts of laidback sunshine before the storm of FASHION WEEK. Bring on the crazy outfits everyone! New York City always has me insanely busy, and I’m always dashing around town. There’s always SOMEWHERE I have to be…rarely do I find a moment to just sit back and kick off my shoes. But believe me, I thrive off of craziness. So yes, next up is a flight to SWEDEN. I’m excited to once again put my foot into new territory, use a MAP, and have limited wifi.  It’s going to feel extra refreshing. I can’t wait for you to join me.
// VITAMIN A rashguard //
// VEDA leather vest, Dorothy Perkins pool slides, DIOR sunglasses //

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