I just spent the other night scouring the brand new H&M 5th Avenue Flagship store at 48th street before anyone else! Celebating with Mr. Jeff Koons himself at the pre-opening party, I found myself on the 5th floor…overlooking all of the craziness. It is by far, my favorite, and one of the most incredible Flagships I’ve seen in a long time. Talk about a wild shopping experience.
It’s about time I introduce you to the new H&M Style Advisor Service that has just launched at this H&M Flagship location here in NYC! The service gives customers a tailored, personal shopping experience! You can call in, or email to make an appointment! H&M will chat with you on what need! It could be a color, a silhouette, your likes and dislikes on fit and style. From there, the H&M personal stylists will pre-select items from the store, take them to the Personal Shop Lounge, and have them ready and set for you in the designated fitting room. Once you arrive, the stylist will work with you until your needs are met! We’re talkin’ a good 30 minute to 2 hour fitting! (Bring a group of friends…for longer hours!)  It’s just what I need when I’m in a hurry before an event. Call in the polka-dot dress, and super cute KOONS x H&M handbags please!! Because the store is so large, it’s almost a necessity. I love a good helping hand. In the Personal Shop Lounge, they will assist in your item’s fit, and assist you in minor tailoring you need in your garments. 
The H&M Style Advisor Service will keep tabs on what you like, and will curate a collection on what you like, giving you a head to toe look that’s truly your own. 
Now, I can’t wait for my next H&M flagship store visit.
Call in to make your appointment at: 646-336-3108  or email them directly at: StyleAdvisorUS@hm.com

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