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There is one woman who has totally perfected the leather jacket, and that’s LYNDSEY BUTLER, designer and founder of VEDA. My very first piece from Lyndsey was her PUNCH jacket…a boxy, extra pebbled black moto jacket that just fit me to a T. There’s nothing like it. It was a one-of-a-kind piece in their Soho store, but it was such a hit, it’s now going to be part of their upcoming collections. Still to this day, I wear it over just about EVERY SINGLE thing in my closet. Somehow, her designs make you just feel so COOL. That’s exactly what Lyndsey is. Cool, extra smart, and creative. I admire her and her vision and how she’s perfected the everyday NYC girl staples. From then on, I knew Lyndsey’s work and designs were going to be a part of my life…for a long time. Leather being one of her main loves, along with her signature square cuts and clean lines, it all shows withinn her own effortlessly chic personal style. Oh, and can we talk about her beautiful BLUE hair? 
I spent an afternoon in her sun-lit downtown NYC studio, to capture her in her workspace. As a woman to admire, I feel lucky to feature this incredible lady in the PANDORA Essence Collection
“VEDA is sanskrit for TRUTH.”-Lyndsey Butler


You’re such a confident and strong woman, and you have so many women co-workers..that must take a lot of courage to have created your own brand. What gave you this strength to compete in this ultra-competive fashion and business world? 
 I think it has been important to have a clear picture of what I wanted to accomplish, which was to be my own boss and go to work everyday in a place that I felt inspired, challenged and positive.  I have also been lucky to have family and friends in my life that have supported and encouraged me. I never intended for it to be a girl’s club, but it totally is. And I love it.

What does courage mean to you? 
I think having the strength to admit when you are wrong is one of the most coragreous things you can do. I think having the confidence to express and execute your ideas is only part of the battle. Being open and accepting of other people’s is crucial.

How has it helped you in the fashion world…to get you where you are now? 
I have learned from my mistakes and others.
Tell us what VEDA stands for…VEDA is a Sanskrit word that translates to “truth”.I was drawn to the boldness of the word both its physical four letterform and its literal meaning.

Have you always lived by your own rules? VEDA truly embody’s the badass, courageous NYC woman who can rock a leather jacket or feminine shift dress. 
I would like to think yes, but it also took me some time to grow up and really find out who I am who I want to be. And I think that takes some time watching and mirroring others.


What keeps you up and going? The fashion world can be an insane, and scary place…what do you do to keep positivity in where you work and where you live? 
VEDA has become more than just me, so now I have a responsibility to a lot of people (not just myself) to show up and be a leader. So that keeps me going.

A list of things that make you happy!
VEDA, my family, Mexican food, blue, Texas

With all the ups and downs of running a business, how do you maintain a healthy business and still keep the creativity of design going for fresh and amazing product?
 I try to maintain an overall sense of calm and understanding. I think from that place you can really accomplish a lot more.


What does peace mean to you…and how important is it to have peace in your life? 
For me peace is a sense of harmony and acceptance.

What’s your favorite way to unwind? 
Margaritas or reading (not at the same time!)

The blue stone is one of my favorites as well…and you have blue hair! Why blue? 
I just love blue. It’s a color i have always been drawn too, but its pull continues to strengthen. I always gravitate toward the blue painting or the blue dress. I think its beautiful in all its hues.

Most peaceful place you’ve ever been to, or want to go to? 
Driving down a deserted country road in Texas or fly fishing in Argentina.

Where is your most peaceful place here in NYC?
 I love my office in the early morning or the evening (when no one else is there).

Photographs shot by Dylana Suarez

Lyndsey Butler wearing all VEDA (shop it here!) 

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  1. Kira says:

    Thank you for sharing this blue haired enigma. Such a strong and positive female gifure, much like yourself. There is so much love in all your posts. Your blog brightens my day always. Thank you.

  2. Ivana Split says:

    What a lovely interview and what an inspiring woman she is! Love the photographs, so natural and pretty (and her clothes obviously)!

    I too really like her blue hair! and she has a winning smile:)

  3. pursefixation says:

    Fantastic post and interview Natalie!She is definitely an inspiration and has a great personality and talent!Beautiful floral jacket she is wearing!I also like her unique top with the strap at the back and the white sandals that go with it perfectly!Looks like an awesome collection!Bravo to Dylana for great photography!

    Please check out my post about last night DKNY event!:-)
    Toast your Purse with an Outfit!

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