Though the rest of my closet has slowly narrowed down the rows and rows of floral vintage dresses that have lived in my closet (I was definitely a vintage hoarder!), I’m still all about the PRINT ON PRINT, but in a totally different way. Jennyfer, giving the pastel floral trend some major freshness. Yes, I love my garden party, but I always have to edge it up. I used to cut my floral vintage maxi dresses into mini’s, and use the excess fabric as a headband or scarf. Florals will never go out of style, trust me. My trusty VEDA leather jacket always giving my GIRL POWER flower obsession a bit more worn-in love. Luckily, I’m continuing to minimalize my wardrobe. Though I love the statement piece, I’m still desperately seeking out the perfect basics.
With that, I’m gearing up for a much needed MEMORIAL DAY looong weekend. Biking and picnics in the park on my current agenda. Lately, I feel I’ve been non-stop, so I can’t wait to sit back and just soak in the NYC sun. No more going out with smudged EYELINER on from yesterday’s shoot! So many cool and exciting things are happening, and I can’t wait to spill the beans.  Oh, and did I mention Stockholm and Berlin?! I can officially say my travel plans are BOOKED.

//JENNYFER floral top and matching skirt, Finlay & Co. sunglasses, VEDA leather jacket, GUCCI handbag//

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55 Responses to FLOWER POWER BABY

  1. Mara says:

    You never stop to amaze me with your perfect combinations. You look amazing, as usual, and I hadn’t thought about mixing some florals with my leather jacket, you’ve given me a great idea.

    Hope you have that rest you’re looking for, and have fun in your travels. Berlin and Stockholm are both awesome cities!

    Kisses from Spain,

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