REFINERY 29 X TONI & GUY campaign photographed by Winnie Au
CRIMPS ARE IN. Yes, I said it! I’m taking the CRIMPS trend from the catwalk to the streets this Spring in my Refinery 29 x TONI & GUY photoshoot. Remember how popular they were in Middle School? Here’s the HOW-TO on a much more updated, sophisticated take. 
All you’ll need: TONI&GUY Sea Salt Texturizing Spray, Flexible Hold Hairspray, Sculpting Powder, and your CRIMPRING IRON of course.
See the STEP BY STEP action here on Refinery 29!
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31 Responses to CRIMPS ARE IN// REFINERY 29 x TONI & GUY

  1. Diane says:

    so glad others are loving crimping as much as me! i’m so happy i still have my crimping iron around. i always love just putting a few streaks of crimps in my hair…it adds some edge to my look.

  2. zareen fatima says:

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  3. Chrystin Gloria says:

    I love crimped hair too! Actually, I don’t think I ever got tired of it, I just stopped wearing it I guess when it was considered “out of style”. Now I don’t care whether it’s in-style or not haha I don’t have a crimping iron, I usually just braid my wet hair before going to bed and wake up in the morning with crimps!

    You can see my version of crimped hair here:
    Kisses xx


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