GOLD OF INDIA// SHOELINE.COM S/S ’14 S/S ’14 Campaign featuring ISOLA “adette” sandals
With Spring comes the perfect little gold accents. The colours in this look for my SHOELINE.COM s/s ’14 campaign remind me of Mumbai, India. The elephants, the bold green, the stars and the moon. Beautiful print after print. I’m dying for another trip EAST. Just the smell of curry spices when I’m walking down the NYC streets brings back memories of my family in Malaysia and Singapore. The heat, the craziness, and that sense of daring adventure that overcomes you in a foreign country. When it comes to traveling, I’m all about the perfect sandal. This ISOLA pair has clean lines, and killer oversize studs. I can always count on these for a day of exploring.
I’m currently in my hotel room in Austin for this year’s SXSW music festival, unwinding after a LONG day on the airplane…a quick brush up in my room, then straight to a fitting and a gig! Already, I’m thinking of slipping back into a crop tee and some bare legs. With the Texan sun, there really is that feeling of SPRING in the air!
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