Me Undies tee, women’s brief, french terry sweatpant, and socks 

It always comes down to the basics. Pieces you can curl up in bed with, have a late breakfast in, and live in, day in and day out! That’s when Me Undies entered my world and let me breeeath COTTON and comfort. I’m such a tomboy when it comes down to it. I love a good women’s brief undie (I have these in every colour!!) and the perfect terry sweatpant. Complete with the classic white t-shirt and high sock. Together, it’s a match made in heaven. Oh, and it can still be sexy too. Trust me, your boyfriend will appreciate your effortlessly cute undies! I come home from a long day of work and this is my uniform. In the morning, I’ll even wear these sweatpants out with a good ol’ pair of kickass boots and just throw on a leather jacket over my shoulders. Here, I’m shot at home, under the covers. Bare. On a weekend. I already miss you, red ombre. My brunette ends are back, but I’ll still be waking up to a fresh pair of Me Undies everyday. Plus, they’re only 20 bucks a pop. I’ll take one of each please!

Shot by Jordan Adoni

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  1. Ivana Split says:

    Love these photos! You make this outfit so effortlessly chic, I can totally imagine you rocking it with a leather jacket and boots…and being completely relaxed at it at home.

    It is surprising how much men like casual clothes. If it were up to my husband I would be in his clothes (such as over-sized sweaters and boyfriend jeans) all the time:)

  2. morethanlabels says:

    How I understand you! I love those comfortable looks that you can wear at home, but can also take to the street. As I usually write from home and feel sometimes like going to starbucks for extra inspiration, I love those kind of outfits that you can wear both ways, and still look cool. Loved it!

    Thanks for sharing! xx


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