(Cardigan New York sweater, GANT sunglasses, J Brand jeans, Mania Mania choker, Worth & Worth plaid hat, “Natalie + Dylana Suarez x Modern Vice” FREE PEOPLE “Arianna” JETT boot)

This whole week has felt like a weekend, and I’m pretty content with these sleepy city streets. I’m finally recovered from what’s been an absolute KILLER New Year’s Eve! We’re talking karaoke, champagne, and “laugh till you cry” cell photos of your friends passed out on the floor with their knickers out. Epic.

Anyways, I’m kicking off the new year in the comfiest way possible. The cold has me reaching to the WAY WAY top of my wardrobe, where I store my heaviest knits, when getting dressed. Keeping my ladder close by! All I really need nowadays is a super huge loopy sweater, some good jeans, and of course, a boot. Take a look-see at these badboys! I’m so so, over-the-top, in LOVE with our brand new Modern Vice x Free People “Arianna” JETT boot!! Silver eyelet studds just on the toe, and extra distressed black nubuk leather. A new go-to that I now keep at the very top of my shoe rack!! Black, white, PLAID…just one of the best combinations when it comes to being super simple. Shot by my boyfriend on what was one of the most beautiful days we’ve had since I got back from holiday, all I felt like doing was watch the kids play ball and hit up the local diner. 
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