John Freida// Colour Refreshing Gloss in “Warm Brunettes”

I am completely smitten and head-over-heels in love with this innovate, breakthrough AT-HOME treatment for color treated hair that just launched this month! It’s John Freida Colour Refreshing GLOSS, and honestly I can’t live without it. I’ve colored my hair before, and with time, the color always fades. The gloss is basically my life-saver when I need to brighten up my look. This product was designed to restore vibrancy and tonal dimension between colouring, while counteracting fading, neutralizing colour change, and correcting the appearance of dull, washed out colour. Talk about amazing. You can be an at-home stylist or a go-to profressional, but the gloss is a must-have for in-between color treatments to keep your hair’s colour salon-fresh. For me, I use the “Warm Brunettes” gloss. It just gives my hair the perfect touch of rich chocolate tones. Each bottle comes with 6 uses….one for each week of your colour cycle. After showering, simply squeeze a quarter size in your hand and spread evenly from roots to tip, leave in for 3 minutes, and RINSE! Even just after one use, I could see a major difference. 
Here, I’ve traded in my messy locks for a slick, straight look because my hair hasn’t felt better and I just wanted it all brushed out for a change and strart fresh this year. John Frieda already has a great selection of care products for color treated hair, in addition to their Precision Foam Hair Colour, so with the launch of the Colour Refreshing Gloss they can truly bring you from “first day colour to first day colour”. Oh, and only $12.99 a pop!
The Colour Refreshing Gloss comes in 6 prescriptive shades: Warm Blondes, Cool Blondes, Warm Reds, Cool Reds, Warm Brunettes and Cool Brunettes. 
To find out how to select the right shade, visit
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