Wow, 2013 was honestly the most beautiful years for me. So many changes, so many ways I’ve grown…and all for the better. I feel stronger than ever, and that’s because of you guys. Thank you thank you for supporting me through all of my crazy adventures, and inspiring me to keep going and going and going, because you know what…the sky really is the limit. Thank you for inspiring me to keep creating (whether it be a song or a shoe) and adventuring (from London to Morocco to Paris!) and most of all, you’ve inpsired me to keep loving…savoring even the littlest things that happen in life. I’m excited to take on another year pouring my heart and my soul in everything I do. Just looking back at these photos makes me happy. They’re some of my favorite snapshots from this year. All shot in different parts of the world, each telling a little story. And OMG, all the clothing. 2013 was a year of daring style for me. I have so so many items of clothes that holds such close memories to me. I don’t know how I’ll ever clean up my closet. I like being able to go back, hold up a dress, and remember exactly what happened when I was wearing it. That pair of boots that I spent the night dancing in. Each morning I was excited to get dressed to take on a busy day, just live in the moment, and be able to share all the little things I love with you. I feel lucky to have had such a colorful year…full of excitement and travel and beautiful people. I love each and everyone of you and WOOT, I can’t wait for another year to grow, explore new parts of my career, and share my tale with you. Happy New Year everyone! Bring it on 2014!
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  1. Martussky says:

    Happy new year for you too! I like your blog and I love your style, you’re the biggest fashion blogger inspiration for me. I don’t remember when I found your blog but I’m lucky I found it. Once again – all the best for you, your boyfriend, sister Dylana and whole your family and friends 😉


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