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(UNIF hat, Joe’s Jean coat, RVCA overalls, Johnny Was blouse (similar), Modern Vice + Free People “arianna” JETT boots, By Boe choker, Vanessa Mooney necklace, Fabiola Pedrazzini handbag)
Dylana and I are always on the go, and sometimes we honestly don’t have time to think of drinks or dinner plans. We like to just get dressed, be spontaneous, and GO! Oh, but I can never make the decision of where to go or what we’ll do!! In the midst of getting dressed… my closet overflowing, tossing shirts here and there, my shoes in one big pile (ended up in all black of course)….the easist thing to do is go on my new favorite app, DOOBLE, as I’m getting ready, and right away, I can connect with Dylana and book a time to meet, the distance we want to travel, and either choose “Drinks”, “Event”, or “Adventure”. Drinks at your favorite restaurant, going to that surprise killer event/concert in your city, or adventuring through that art gallery you’ve always wanted to visit. It caters to your profile! You always start with $20 before you arrive at the place Dooble sets you up with! This time, I set a 1pm Sunday “Drinks” with Dylana, within 20 miles distance, and VOILA, we had a reservation for us at TUTU’s in Brooklyn for drinks! Of course, wherever Dooble takes you, you’re going to love. Always the chicest places in the city…oh, and I LOVE LOVE that it’s always a new place to discover! We played more on the app and invited our friends to join this amazing new app over the perfect burger and mimosa. 
Now, within our crazy last-minute schedules, we’ll always have a place to go…and take a friend along with us.
It’s super simple to use and free! 
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