(Artisan De Luxe denim jacket, Cuyana scarf, Citizens of Humanity dress, Giles + Brother railroad cuff, Camper boots, Chloe pink handbag, Warby Parker “Griffin” sunglasses)
I feel like I’ve been on a 70’s kick since I picked up this amazing denim jacket designed by Philippe Naouri, friend and KILLER designer behind Artisan De Luxe! Their new store on Crosby Street still remains one of my favorite places to stop by whenever I’m downtown. Constantly, I’m inspired by their leather, the embroidery, and beautifully washed denim. And with the amazing NYC weekend, it’s been WARM WARM, and I love it. Just knee-highs, a minidress, and nothing else! Currently shielded by the sun with these rad Warby Parker oversize brown sunnies. I don’t know why, but they REALLY remind me of the 70’s! I love browns, light blue denims, and patent black chelsea boots all mixed into one look. All key staple pieces and colors currently in my closet. Maybe it’s because I’ve been listening to loads of Hendrix and The Stone’s “Exile on Mainstreet” that got me in this real groovy mood with my dressing lately. I like dancing in my apartment, giving my best Mick Jagger face.
Tomorrow, I’m OFF to the snowy mountains for a not-so-secret getaway. And it’s bound to be a snowy Christmas adventure. Filled with wooden log cabins, heavy knit scarves, and moccasins by the fireplace. Holiday, don’t end just yet.
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51 Responses to 70’s SUNLIGHT

  1. Nasreen says:

    hahah I bet you do a great Mick Jagger face! I totally get you though. Sometimes I’ll put on something and just get sucked into another era/theme. I think it makes outfits and days more fun! You pull off this look amazingly. Have fun on your getaway 🙂

    Happy Holidays! Nasreen x
    Lazy Obsession

  2. Sabina says:

    That denim coat is the most brilliant thing ever. So sexy and rock and roll. (I see what you mean about denim and brown hues evolving a 70s mood.) Anyway great pics as usual and hope your enjoying your peaceful mountain getaway.


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