With winter coming along, I already find myself buying Christmas candles and blasting The Brian Jonestown Massacre. Slow dancing in my living room, into the night. My whole apartment already smelling of my new favorite scent. Hot Buttered Rum. There’s nothing quite so warm and inviting. And my style’s getting simpler. I just need a super good high waisted black skinny jean, countless cacoon coats, and furry scarves, to keep bundled in the NYC chill. As for the little things in life, I’m quickly getting back into earrings and decorating my body and chest in delicate but ornate, hippie jewelry, silver jewels ingraved with eyes and shark’s tooth…and picking up the ol’ Martin that I somehow keep staring at in the corner by my couch. Oh, Francoise Hardy…how I wish to again go back on the stage and sing…laughing, crying, and having a ball. I miss performing and laying it all out there…as loud as I can. Someday soon. Here are some images taken from my Pinterest…a reason to inspire.

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  1. mel says:

    So true! I love keeping a simple look but adding good accessories or jewels to my fall/winter looks. My apartment currently smells cinnamon and apple crisp, my two favorite scents for the fall! Thanks for these inspiring pics!

    mel xo


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