(Preston & Olivia hat, Juicy Couture dress, Motel Rock trench coat, Chloe handbag, “Natalie + Dylana Suarez x Modern Vice” STUDDED CHLOE boot)
This was a long lost look shot during NYFW, and somehow, I don’t really know how I missed it! Also, one of my favorites. I’d just come back from working in Seattle, and pulled out the first thing I could find…still jetlagged, and so not ready for a full week of shows. My hair, still not even fully brushed. Nothing really beats a washed blue trench, and soft-to-the-touch beige hat paired with the perfect LBD! With it’s loosely tied neckline and super-stretch, it’s got that 90’s vibe. So simple of a look, only complete with a pumpkin RED lip (can you believe it’s nearly Thanksgiving?!) and the perfect black boot! YEP, our STUDDED CHLOE boot is BACK with a bang! The wrap-around hardware just the icing on the cake!

Though it’s Veteran’s Day, both my boyfriend and I are still back to work…hoping to take the day slooooow. My eyes, barely able to open. I’ll be squeezing in time to throw my things in a suitcase taking off for my early flight to LA tomorrow. I’m honestly so, so excited to work in California this week! Don’t think I’ll be needing my heavy coat this time around…

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