(360 Sweater polka-dot sweater, Worth & Worth newsboy cap, GANT sunglasses, J Brand jeans, BOERA knuckle ring, Vanessa Mooney silver ring, Sigerson Morrison boots)
I am all about the newsboy cap. I like this one because it’s basically identical to what the newspaper boys wore back in the 19th century, with their oversize grey sweaters and baggy trousers. I have a chauffer’s cap, a fisherman’s cap…I’m so obsessed with the look for fall. It’s a bit French, and it’s a whole lot of BOY. This day I had just threw it on with a basic cashmere sweater, and my favorite pair of black jeans. My boyfriend and I spent the morning at our number 1 hatmaker by Central Park…Worth & Worth. Orlando always knows how to fit me into the perfect hat. His factory is literally one of my favorite weekend hangouts…I can’t stop trying everything on. I found this one sitting on his shelves and asked if it were a boy or girl. In the end, it didn’t really matter. It fit perfect…slightly slouchy, just covering my ears with just the right amount of POOF. Now, I just want to wear it with something contrasting…like a chiffon gown or white lace dress. It’s that good. Here, I’m all polka-dots. I’ve finally found these old J Brands that I’ve had forever. I think I’ll be shredding the knees soon. I can already see the rips coming through. The shoes on the other hand, are the luxurious boot that in no way should be taken through the dusty park…but I’m addicted to that electric blue stripe, and decided what better way to break them in than walk a milliooon blocks?! Anyways, it’s nearly Friday, and I’m already trying to find places where my friends and I can get a good brunch on a Saturday. Here’s to neverending weekend strolls and bringin’ back the good ol’ NEWSBOY. 

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