My latest obsession is KINFOLK…yep, that beautiful and oh so CHIC magazine on how to live well (oh, and eat incredibly well too!) My sister, a major hippie, is the one who introduced me to them. Kinfolk’s based out of Portland, Oregan, where organic should be the only thing they’ll serve on their plates, and appreciating the beauty of the world is the latest obsession. Their films always keep me captivated each weekend. That blueberry picking story just inspired me to get back in the car back upstate and pick up even more fresh fruits (another fanastic activity next to apple picking, my new favorite sport hehe!) This day, Dylana and I made our way to Brooklyn for one of their NYC weekend cooking workshops. Nope, I can’t cook at all, so the invitation from our pals at Citizens of Humanity, sounded like just what I needed to spice up my life! Not quite sure how it’s happened when my Mum is a pro chef. I guess I was too busy in my room scouring magazines before making my way to the kitchen table each night growing up. Dylana and I stepped into this little workshop just as it was beginning and the smell of something sweet hit me over the head. It was CONCORD GRAPE. Oh so delicoius and fresh, the smell overtaking the entire kitchen. We were working with Kelly of Sweet Deliverance, and she helped us make our concord grape JAM. Not too much sugar, lime, and just the right amout of pektin (the first time I’ve ever really used the term) after mashing up the grapes, leaving the skin and all. After a while of it churning and churning in the heated pots, it was finally ready to cool and take home. Currently spreading this badboy all over my waffles as we speak. Here’s to Sunday perfection and some delicioussss sweetness in a jar! 

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  1. Rosalind says:

    Mmmm, just can’t beat the taste of home made jam. Last weekend (my last weekend at home before moving to Uni) saw apple pressing day in my village, where locals turn up with baskets of just-picked apples to press into their own apple juice. I’m always amazed how many different flavours are squeezed out of all the different varieties.


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