(STYLESTALKER tank dress, Amourvert striped top, Chloe “ethel” handbag, Modern Vice “carly” boots, Black Water Moon necklace, Karen London silver cuff, Ax + Apple spike ring, Vanessa Mooney rings, The 2 Bandits boot strap)
I was that stripe-y sparkle-y thing running around Times Square after a long day’s work. I feel I spend way more time now in the Garment District than anywhere else. It’s crazy. The streets are constantly packed around 5pm with a flood of designers and people I’ve worked with, rushing through the streets off Fashion Avenue and into Bryant Park. This time, I was like “you know what, let’s go to Times Square when we’re off work.” YESSSSSSS, this place is absolutely nuts! I’m constantly being shoved a little to the side as I’m walking and staring up rather than straight in front of me, eventually grabbing on my sister’s arm in fear of losing her. The lights, the flashing advertisements blinding you the moment you step outside, the naked cowboy. It’s fun to take in why so many people come and visit our city. Suddenly it’s like New York City is just a playground for everyone else in the world. Amongst the tourists, the cameras, and accents, we found ourselves clutching our bags as we huddled through the sidewalks, trying to finally escape for home back downtown. I have to admit, this place is the best when you’re driving through the neon lights at night…and in the safety of your own car hehe. 

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