(MINKPINK striped dress (similar), Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren vest, Kenneth Cole bag, Saint Claude Nola necklace, BOERA knuckle ring, The 2 Bandits cuffs (similar), “Natalie + Dylana Suarez x Modern Vice” STUDDED JETT boot)
I can’t believe I still have more from fashion week to show you. Is it really the first time I’m showing our STUDDED JETT boot?! Insane. I’ve got loads to catch up on, I guess. If only there were more hours in the day. But yes, we took our classic Modern Vice JETT boot, and added gold and silver studs…on the toes, and sides…giving this beauty a little more edge. They’ll be coming to many stores soon, so I’ll keep you posted! But gold is a color for fall, and I’m getting back into. Gold hardware, gold trimming. I took my military vest, and threw it over a striped mini. For fashion week, I tried to be minimal. There’s too much running from place to place to worry about what you’ve got on that morning. Well, for me anyways. There’s one show that I loved…All Saints. The wilted flowers, the boxy leather jackets, the silk slouched pants. It really was just about every piece you actually do need in you wardrobe, and in the rich hues of the season. Not overdone or contrived…but just what that classic  yet tough city babe should have as her staples. The space was incredible. A long brick loft, with high window ceilings. I’d take it as my home anyday. My pals and I, most of which were in town for just a few days, spent what felt like forever on those leather couches…taking a huge breather in the heart of Soho. 

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