(For Love & Lemons dress from Shop Wasteland, Chaser Brand leather vest, Frye “sabrina” boots, Vanessa Mooney horn choker, Ax + Apple long necklace, Jenny Bird bucket bag (similar)

This is totally something I’d re-wear again for Fashion Week. But it’s going to have to wait till this weekend! I’m currently in Seattle, shooting on location for the rest of this week, and today we’ve got a little bit of a later call-time so I’m snuggled in bed…and I’ve got my room service on it’s way. Oatmeal and coffee, overlooking the Seattle skyline. I love it here. Being completely surrounded by large pine-trees. Yesterday we shot in Bellevue…it was gorgeous, and I fell in love the woodsy/ Twilight vibe of the whole place. The fresh air is just what I need before getting back in NY groove! Here, I’m snapped by my NYC apartment, in one of my all time favorite For Love & Lemons dresses, just before it was about to start raining. The wind from the storm gave this stunner so much movement. I always pack this dress wherever I travel…just in case there’s time for a fun night out. See you back in NYC soon! xx
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