(Stuart Weitzman boots, Ralph Lauren trench coat (similar), D.RA floral dress, Lucky Brand leopard hat, Kamryn Dame silver cuff, The 2 Bandit turqoise cuff, BOERA knuckle ring, Aimee Kestenberg backpack)

It’s like these boots came out of my dream. The Stuart Weitzman over-the-knee badboys that I’ve always wanted are now stomping all over the east village. Just the other night we celebrated their Kate Moss film and campaign and it got me even more excited for fall, and got me thinking about London, their wonderful accents, and badass attitude. I picked the slouchy suede boot. Soft enough for everyday wear with a sexy low block heel. I like feeling a bit like a modern Edie Sedgwick, or my other favorite, Jane Birkin. Luckily the city has cooled down just enough to trench-weather. The slight chill being just enough for a light, light coat, oh, and my favorite leopard hat that I just rediscovered under a giant pile of clothing. My new furry friend is an Aimee Kestenberg backpack…I love this Aussie, her office is in the same building as the factory where we make our shoes. She’s such a gem, and I can’t take off this bag, it’s too good. I’m already eyeing the other colors, I’m that obsessed. Anyways, THANK GOD IT’S SATURDAY. Next week for me is jam-packed with work, so I’m taking today to finally get a bit of relaxation, and grab my boyfriend’s hand, stroll the city streets, and hide under my giant hats. The car is waiting in case we have a spur-of-the-moment decision to drive up-state. We’ll see what happens.

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  1. velvettovagabond says:

    I LOVE your trench coat! You could practically pair it with anything and wear it anywhere! Its so versatile! I have a trench coat too and I love it because I wear it when its raining, when its a bit chilly out, to the movies, to school, to dinner! Everywhere!

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