(Wildfox Couture daisy sweater and “LOVED” dress, H&M hat, Nasty Gal shoes, Jenny Bird netted bucket bag (similar)
Oh, we all just wanna be LOVED!! Covered in daisies and some bright pink lips, I am so ready for LA! Wildfox, I absolutely love you and your cheeky prints! Yep, bright and early tomorrow morning I am off to the homeland then down, down to San Diego. The ocean breeze, skimpy bikinis, and late nights on the beach curled in an oversize sweatshirt. Oh, and with just a little bit of work sprinkled on top. I need some California sun pronto! The mum and pops are going to be so darn happy we get to hang out, just like old times. When they’d accompany me on castings, every job…well, until I grew up to drive and rebel to do everything else on my own. Now…grown up, I want them around because I rarely get to see them and live on the opposite side of the country. Sometimes you just wanna be loved like a child from your mummy and poppy hehe! I’m just so ready for a home-cooked Malaysian meal. Here I’m shot on my NYC roof, acting silly with Dylana and Kelsea…flashing everyone my all-time favorite dress. Here’s to sunshine, California girls, and coooool adventures. 

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36 Responses to SHE WILL BE LOVED

  1. Alice says:

    Maroon 5! That song brings up so many memories…it feels like forever since I’ve heard that song though. I guess it’s time to go listen to it again! 🙂

    Everybody needs to feel loved so I’m sending all my love your way right now. That dress is too cute, with the simple free-flowing shape and of course, the “LOVED.” That oversized pink sweater adds a nice feminine touch and feels so right for summer. Your big, floppy hat definitely completes things!

    The SEAREX

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