The Traveling Van

(Rebecca Taylor denim/leather jacket and skirt, Chaser Brand “Nat Geo” tank, Chloe “ethel” handbag, Kenneth Cole sneakers, Jennifer Zeuner “evil eye” necklace and wishbone necklace)
The 4th of July for me meant STARS IN MY EYES! Finally a day to get all of my friends together for no worries, just play! We had the most beautiful deck view on the westside, and I cannot wait to share the shots I took of the fireworks and all the crazy people in the crowd. HERE’S TO AMERICA, THE GREAT! These little sunnies were tucked away in my bag all week, and finally they’re able to make their little debut hehe. It’s my last day in NYC before I’m off for work in Barcelona tonight, and I am so so excited for a little change in scenery. Lately, the heat has left me slowly wandering my neighborhood in sneakers and a tank, yet this little white denim and leather jacket just couldn’t NOT be taken out. Rebecca Taylor, you can do no wrong! Plopped in the East Village was this old traveling van, so big, I tried capturing it all in one shot. Talk about one big party. 
I’ve got just a few more hours to get all my travel necessities in check. See you in Europe babettes!
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    Hello Natalie,

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    Ps: Love that cute grey skirt, really suits you


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