(Urban Outfitters “Stolen Girlfriends Club” tank top, vintage hat, Free People studded skirt, Rebecca Minkoff backpack, Vanessa Mooney gold cuff, The 2 Bandits turquoise cuff and wing cuff)

Summer in the city means boys at Chrystie Street park, playing basketball and throwing their jerseys in the air…too hot to in anything else. I recently got a new basketball, and it’s only when the night cools down, that I find it bearable to break it out in sweat. I love the sporty vibe…I was that pony-tail, sneaker wearing tomboy as a child, and I have to admit, I love my jerseys. All I wanted was a Bryant LAKERS jersey during those games in the 90s as I sat in my mother’s lap. I found myself heading to an early brunch on a Sunday in this little get-up. My friends were surprised. “Natalie in a jersey?!” Yeah! Studded skirt, black boots, and all! W.T.F. 
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