(Chaser Brand tee, Aryn K. skirt, Chloe handbag, BOERA knuckle ring, Rila turqoise ring, Karen London silver ring (similar), Vanessa Mooney CUFF/ “celeste” ring, bracelets/necklace (similar), GANT sunglasses, “Natalie + Dylana Suarez x Modern Vice” CHLOE boots)
I miss my Spaniards so so much! I’m in Paris, and though I’m currently on a “MERCI” kick and all I see are giant baguettes under people’s arms on this Sunday, I’m still rekindling my love for Barcelona by looking back at the many photos my boyfriend and I shot. Barcelona is a city unlike any other, and I’ve deeply fallen in love with it. Just two years later, and it feels like a whole new place. Every single day, just within walking distance, there are all these little streets and corners to discover. The art, the graffiti, the colors, the beige of the walls. I had the blue dot on my GPS forever guiding me in the right direction. In between working, being on holiday, and trying to find my way around these cities with all that I’ve got, days are much longer than NYC days, and I get to a point where I can no longer bare to look through my suitcase, but rather throw on the first thing in sight! This rock tee (that desperately needs a wash) and this gorgeous little colorful mini, have already traveling the world with me! With such a limited selection in my suitcase, I’ve been trying to just mix and match as much as possible, and hope that I don’t run out of a pair of new knickers. Anyways, so like I said, everywhere I have turned…whether it be Barcelona or Paris, there’s BREAD. Bread with cheese, bread and jamon, bread and croissants. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, its’ completely different from what I normally eat, yet I like discovering what the locals crave. That is, TAPAS, TAPAS, TAPAS! I was on the prowl for some really good food, and ended up at PLA. A gorgeous little restaurant, dark and super hidden in El Gotic, barely even showing up on the map I was clutching so hard. Finally, some chicken, some rice, all food I’m a bit more familiar with. Oh, and a little kitten painted on our windowsill. Barcelona, you really do have it all.
After all of my latest EUROOOO adventures, I can barely hold my head up. Time to re-coup from Bastille Day here in Paris, and pack, pack, pack, as this girl’s gotta get back to takin’ care of business back in NYC! x

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59 Responses to EL RAVAL COLOUR

  1. Stephanie says:

    beautiful…I love the outfit so summery and rock/chic!

    I know what you mean when you go to a country and you feel like you just belong..I miss Europe especially Germany & France, I’m hoping to go back soon and stay much longer!


  2. Kiwi Fashion Blog says:

    Glad to hear you have been having a good time! I hate the feeling of coming back from a holiday, first there’s the packing lol Secondly, withdraw from no needing to work and just eat out everyday haha. Safe trip back!

  3. Lady Indo says:

    Lovely outfit; love your jewelry! I can’t imagine eating bread all the time O_O so I’m glad to hear that Barcelona have something other than that, haha.


  4. Sabina says:

    I’m with you on Barcelona. I only went there once but I loved the vibe, the food, the culture and the architecture and I’d love to go back. And now all your talk of the breads, cheeses and jamon are making me hungry! 🙂


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