Paddling Out

After work this past week, my boyfriend and I decided we needed a little getaway. Sometimes the city can feel like a grid…taking the same subways, walking the same streets. Everyone here needs a little escape every once in while. We googled a place that was far, but not so far away. Maybe just a 2 hour drive outside the city. I love a good roadtrip, one to blast music, and slowly see the high concrete buildings of the NYC fade, and then, be greeted by lots of green and lush on the drive upstate. Jordan and I ended up in the mountains of Mohonk (honk honk!) And in it’s old stone house on the mountain! The floors were a bit creaky, we had a wood fireplace, but best of all, our little wooden abode faced the gorgeous green of the mountains below, and a sky so blue. At first, the place was so oldschool that I got a strange vibe, with the rocking chairs, and dark wooden shutters. Slowly, it became more and more welcoming and beautiful. I fell in love with the whole place. I could spend hours squinting in the sun lying on the grass, or sitting on the deck to overlook the lake. How could this place be so close to the city? But it is, and it’s so rad that I’d literally go back again just for another day or two. I just wasn’t sure what to pack for the mountains. We weren’t sure what we’d end up doing…hiking, or just being out by the water! I brought a mix of pieces. Some ripped jeans, oversize tunics, cable knit sweaters, a leather jacket, and of course a few hats. My new favorite piece in my whole closet is this tiny pair of Warby Parker blue lensed sunnies. Shaped like something found on Yoko or John, I spotted them in their newe 121 Greene Street store. I definitely brought a bit of the city out to the quiet mountain top!

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