Team Pink

(Lovers & Friends baseball jacket, Minkpink crop top, Bardot skirt, Urban coat, Jenny Bird netted bucket bag, Raen “Keirnan” sunglasses, “Natalie + Dylana Suarez x Modern Vice” fuschia BENNI)

More like, Team FUSCHIA! It’s about time I whip out our Modern Vice fuschia Benni. The past few days have been all sun and I can already see how everyone’s gone color crazy, and so I thought, why not join in on the fun?! Nothing beats a bright, colorful little bootie! Anyways, on the weekends, I try to always find some downtime at the park…outdoor summer sports are calling my name. I’m dying for late night basketball sessions at Chrystie Street Park, and riding my bike up and down the Lower East Side. By then, I’ll most likely have to trade in my high waisted skirt and crop tops for a pair of Nike trainers hehe. We’ll see… for now, I’m all hippie’d out, currently looking at the small pile of hats and flower crowns that are lying on top of my colorfully filled suitcase to Coachella. Due to work, I’m one who is flying in last minute tomorrow morning, then heading straight to the festival! Looks like there is very, very little sleep in my near future! See you soon California babes!

For those in NYC, meet me tonight at my Joie event at SAKS, from 6-8pm!!
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65 Responses to Team Pink

  1. The Crush says:

    I totally agree with you, this summer pointing the tip of his nose makes me wanna dress up in bright colors!
    I’m joining team pink as well, wearing it today actually, haha!
    Love your style as usual!
    Being following you for so long, you always make me dream!



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