Oh Coachella!! The body paint…the flared pants…the overly stuffed embroidered backpack. I love the liberating feeling of dressing for a festival. Anything goes, and it’s all about COLOR. The team and I at the Free People house arrived at the festival a bit earlier that day, extra excited to start following up on all the latest bands. My favorite that afternoon? Dancing to LOCAL NATIVES at the main stage and watching the sun slowly set over that giant carousel. Their stage lighting up the night, palm trees changing colors, and every long-haired hippie passing out on the grass with their eyes closed… believe me, I was just as tired. I had just hopped off the plane from NYC, had a few hours at the house to get dressed and soak up the sun, before a 2pm shuttle to the festival. And that’s extremely early, especially when you’ve got a midnight show to catch! So I kept comfortable. This beautiful Free People flare paired with a rad Pink Floyd tee, and little pineapple denim shirt. I left my leather hat at home, and brought along just a simple straw piece…a gorgeous custom Worth & Worth hat I picked up the evening before flying out. I had the floral piece stitched on last minute. I mean, flowers are sort of necessary for a festival dont’ you think? So there you have it, day 1 of Coachella! The neverending nights of music everywhere you turn, tans, and extremely playful outfits. There are times when I walked across the festival grounds, and nothing even felt real.

Stay tuned as I sneak you a peek inside our gorgeous Free People abode! Continue to follow my looks on FP ME

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