SXSW: The GUESS Takeover!

(GUESS tank, Free People dress, Muubaa leather jacket, Supertrash hat, Vanessa Mooney necklace, Giles + Brother cuffs, “Natalie + Dylana Suarez x Modern Vice” JETT Messenger and vintage JETT boots)
All I can say was SXSW in Austin, Texas, was INSANITY! My GUESS takeover during the festival was unlike anything I’ve ever done. The people we met, the fashion along the streets, close encounters with all my favorite artists. Everyone was so free, and you know what, all after one thing, THE MUSIC. I had just shot their GUESS festival looks back here in NYC and grabbed a few pieces for the road, as I took over all GUESS channels, instagraming away, and jumping from gig to gig. They’ve always had that rad pin-up, sexy vibe. I’ve been following their campaign for years!! To work with them on their festival collection was just a perfect match. I packed loads of denim, light knits, and of course, a little pile of my top rock tees. I had a little bit of an itinerary of shows, line-ups scribbled in my notebook, but once I got there, I ran into so many shows along the way! Everything from a little psych-rock at the back of Hotel Vegas on East 6th, to jamming to incredible rock girl bands at The Gypsy Lounge, to a late-night rap gig up at Mohawk Indoors. I think our latest night ended at around 5am! Everywhere we turned, there was music. Just walking the down the streets there are banjos, punks, and hippies. Real ones. And nobody really took fashion seriously, it’s really just all about the music…everyone trying to see their top favorite gigs. Kelsea was my partner in crime during our trip and we left smiling, as our entire trip was just so inspiring and a breath of fresh air. I’ve never seen anything like SXSW, it felt like we were in an old 60’s film!! In the hot Austin sun, I sported a hat every single day, a mess of a head of hair, and of course a tank or tee. You have NO idea how much I missed just wearing a tee. Our NYC winter has been torturous and so being in Austin, in summer clothing, was absolutely freeing. My boots are now lying in my apartment, completely worn in and covered in dust, and my woven cowboy hat is slightly tipped to one side, showing just the right amount of wear. Texas brought me back to that Western style, and I cannot wait to get back into it this summer. I’ve loads more to share, everything from my GUESS festival shoot, to the event, along with my new favorite tunes!
For now, you can take a little peek into my GUESS takeover on my Instagram and on GUESS!

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