Runaway Cat

Philadelphia is one place where I can run around the streets and honestly, not even see a soul. It’s can get so incredibly quiet in my sister’s area called Fishtown that it can be so calming compared to NYC, where I literally step outside my doorstep and there’s no avoiding running into people. The homes are narrow yet long, and each have that gritty, “been here for decades” type of feel. Old drapes shade the windows, and the colorful paint of the closely rowed homes have been chipped for years. There’s a bit of charm in the place that I quite like. And it’s been cold. Really cold! Cold enough for a vest, a wool coat, velvet, and sweater all layered into one! I found this vest lying on my sister’s clothes rack and I fell in love with it. I needed that one extra layer before going out, and this quilted denim beauty was perfect. Shot on a sleepy weekend, I may have been the loudest thing on the streets that day, clickety-clacking in my western boots! Sometimes a sleeping city needs a little awakening. 

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