Light as a Feather

(10 Crosby Derek Lam via Amazon Fashion dress, Muubaa leather jacket, Vintage hat, Saint Claude necklace, Giles + Brother cuffs, Ax + Apple rings, The Two Bandits rings)
Though I’m normally super low key, I live for the days I can wear a long, beautiful dress. I mean, I am currently living the grunge life in Austin, Texas for this week’s SXSW music festival. But I LOVE LOVE, always need a little something that’s just so gorgeous and makes me feel like that super girl…a piece that blows in the wind. This 10 Crosby Derek Lam via Amazon Fashion beauty is too perfect. A pale pink, it’s peplum little waist, and bare shoulders make it so me. It’s a subtle sexy that I love. Mixed with a bit harder jewels taken from my overflowing drawer (we’re talking longhorns and sharkstooth), I was good to go. Spring soirees, take me to you! Right now, I’m currently resting in bed in our Austin hotel, having a late start, as really nothing happens around this festival till around midnight! The streets become flooded with people, our hotel has a constant flow of rocker boys in line to check-in, the weather is hot, and I honestly can’t wait to step outside outside, grab a taco, and just curl up on a bench in the sun. Rock tees and denim are all I can work with this week here during this crazy festival…hopping from gig to gig late in the night! Still dreaming of the next time I can once again sport a piece as beautiful as this one. 
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  1. Lauren says:

    You have the je ne sais quo when it comes to wearing long stunning dresses! I marvel at your comfort zone with the boho chic that you completely dominate!!! Love you, doll! Keep up your incredible inspirations!!

    -Lauren at adorn la femme


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