Fog Creature

The best kind of days are when it’s so foggy out you can barely see in front of you, there’s a touch of rain, and you can run wherever you want, all while getting a bit of dirt on your boots. It’s crazy how much my short visit to Philadelphia suddenly felt like I was back in London…or off in the English countryside. I long to go back! Dylana and I slipped between the fences of this deserted, old field, and that was before the rain came down and we were all of a sudden, running through mud! Once I did get inside, my boots needed some major cleaning. For me, it’s necessary to have a short weekend out of the city with friends, to act like the crazy girls that we are. I packed light…well, sort of. A cardigan, a denim button-down, and of course, this rad Bellerose coat from Germany…a brand I just recently discovered. When it’s this cold, I prefer to button everything up to the top! Anyways, it’s not even 8am and I’m playing The Clash and making french press. Happy, happy Monday from NYC!

By the way, make sure to stop by East Village’s cutest store ever, Cloak & Dagger, and you can finally get your hands on our “Natalie + Dylana Suarez x Modern Vice” JETT bag! This tasseled beauty is always by my side now that I finally don’t have to borrow our samples! Wahoo!

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