Rock n’ Roll Love

Photography by Kelsea Kosko
My boyfriend and I rarely have images together, and so my good friend and brilliant photographer, Kelsea, thought why the hell not bring us into her studio and get the deed done. All styled by both Jordan and I, it was a quick and killer shoot. Jordan is a rockstar on his own, now isn’t he?! Being one of the brother-duo masterminds behind Modern Vice, he brought along all of our latest MV JETT collection shoe designs to pair with vintage frocks, destroyed denim boyfriend jeans, and numerous hats. The flared jeans just happen to be my favorite…I mean, I had to throw in some hippie love! So there ya have it, my first couples shoot. I love seeing Jordan here, looking so high fashion, when he really is a complete goof. I can’t wait to get these in print! And it’s true, all you need is love. 

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88 Responses to Rock n’ Roll Love

  1. Inggih Laras Ati says:

    let me die for your style dear !!!
    give my regard for Kelsea Kosko dear., adore somuch her photography<3
    I love the second style with that leopard hat, preety mixing.
    such bohemian preepy and vintage mixing:)


  2. Paris says:

    This is so epically hot. Gorgeous couple. What a fun shoot. You two need to get your picture on together more often. 😉
    Love that reminder, “All you need is love”.

    <3 PARIS

  3. Inez An says:

    I don’t remember loving a post this much since forever. The pictures are stunning, but what I really love are your words about how it happened. And I agree, all you need is love 😉



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