On the Dock

(Paul & Joe dress, Vintage camo jacket, “Natalie + Dylana Suarez x Modern Vice” JETT boots)

To this day I still dream about the windy afternoons on the dock in Morocco. Kebabs. Rice. Chilled Coca-Cola. I’m dying for all that the warm weather brings, including mixing and matching just about every printed piece in my suitcase. Finally, just yesterday, I got to stay in, unpack, and kind of arrange my NYC apartment. It’s been weeks of being all over the place, that it’s hard finding time to organize. Even my parents are cleaning up, packing their bags, and heading back to California after what’s been an adventurous 14 days. My life really has done one big flip flop since their last visit! Our past 2 weeks have been crazy, and honestly I’m going to miss them. They really did love getting a taste of my NYC life, and of course, enjoying my lil apartment while I’m out and about. They’ve even been running around with me to shoots, to and from the airport, and even made multiple trips out to the shoe factory. They’re just as exhausted as I am! For now, I’ll be dreaming of my next escape…whether it be for work or play.

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