A Wacky Bunch

(Vintage dress from Fuzzy Bellas Vintage, Muuba leather jacket, Nine West x Pamela Love boots, H&M beanie, Hanes tights)
Yep, the Suarez’s are a wacky bunch. We’re all over 5’10”, never have the same opinion on anything, and most importantly, our closets are just about as crazy as one’s family can get. There are loads of beanies involved, we each have matching duffle coats, and there are even a few puffers lying around. But believe it or not, we’re all lovers of vintage. I took them over to the river to Williamsburg for some thrifting action..and guess what? It was their favorite part of NYC! They claimed it “reminded them of being young again.” Ok, mom and dad! My parents didn’t really know how to handle the real east coast chill, but luckily, they had Dy and I to show them the way. It’s all about the layering!! Fair Isle sweaters, tights, buckled boots. For me, I cannot stop wearing velvet this time of year, only because it’s extra warm and thin enough to just wear under a leather jacket. You do end up looking a bit like a prairie biker chick, but ya know, it works! Now I just want to figure out the time I can next borrow Dylana’s brightly colored beanie collection…
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70 Responses to A Wacky Bunch

  1. Nathan Moy says:

    Those metal cap heels are cool and that velvet dress can only be pulled off so well by you and those long gorge legs. Btw loving your family of models!! I see where you get your good jeans and genes from! πŸ˜€ Btw, I just posted up a special outfit post and a reminder on just to ignore haters. I was recently very victimized in a group project and mistreated badly by some, hope you’d show your support (I rarely get this personal on my blog, but sometimes, haters do get you down).

    xx The Provoker

  2. Morgan Erina says:

    You have the most awesome family. Your parents look amazing, Your sister looks amazing and is also one of my favorite blogs to read. You guys are just too cool for words



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