On or Off

Yep, I haven’t really had a vacation this summer, but I’ve made the most of my on/off duty days. Whether it be piggy backing through the city or picking up inspiration at the local thrift stores, my pals and I can spend hours out and about every weekend. I’m forever on a hunt for mini-mini dresses and cool band tees. But being on set in fall wardrobe has got me back into those grungy beanies, nubby sweaters, and long skirts. It’s no surprise to find me bouncing around the city after work with big, messy locks. Ahhhhh, New York, you really do rock, but I’m still planning a mini-escape! London and Paris are calling my name this September after fashion week. Flights are booked and I can’t wait. Who knows, maybe I’ll gain a little accent along the way.

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  1. tasha faye says:

    i am very much in love with how your hair is! i’ve been craving to dye my hair that very shade of delicious chocolate brown, maybe soon! <3 your days with friends sounds so wonderful and summery, i wish i could hang out with you xxxx


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